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Live Lobsters

All of our Lobsters come from the warm waters surrounding the Indonesian islands.
They are all vegetarian species

Barong (Panulirus homarus)

This species is generally large, has a large tail and considered one of the best tasting

Mutiara (Panulirus ornatus)

This is a large multi-colored species with stripped legs. It has a large tail, firm meat and very tasty. Popular for sushi

Bambu (Panulirus versicolor)

This species has a large size tail. It is dark green in color with pink antenna roots. The meat is firm and tasty

Pasir Lobster
Mutiara Lobster
Bambu Lobster

Batu (Panulirus penicilatus)

This species tends to be smaller with less meat then other varieties. ark brown in color


This species is plentiful. red in color with white dots on the shell


Large tail. Similar in size and taste to Bambu. Usually light green to beige in color with stripped legs

Batu Lobster
Batik Lobster
Pakistan Lobster

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