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Custom aquarium for the Hotel Hyatt, Sanur, Bali

With the number of tourists falling at an alarming rate, it is important than ever to raise your average food sale.
A proven way to do this is with ABsolute's Live Lobster Marketing Program.

ABsolute’s Live Lobster Marketing Program will:

  • Increase food sales, particularly at the high-end.
  • Re-enforce the high quality image of your restaurant.
  • Complement the aesthetics of your restaurant.

Our Live Lobster Marketing Program includes:

  • Custom Designed Aquarium. A FREE Custom designed high quality aquarium which:
      •  Keeps lobsters in the finest condition possible.
      •  Complements your restaurant décor.
      •  Is chilled and filtered to keep lobsters as fresh as possible
      •  Seamless joints that display lobsters in the best possible manner

  • Freshness. High quality live lobster are cared for and delivered in a manner that insures their freshness.
  • Market Appeal. Good-looking lobsters that have market appeal. Lobsters delivered under this program are healthy and will appeal to your guests or customers.
  • Wide Range of Species. A wide range of high quality lobster species that appeals to whatever price range serves your market.
  • Service. We service your aquarium and restock the lobsters at least twice a week or as often as your business may require.
  • Table Card Sales Aids. We can provide you with free table cards to promote your sales. The cards say "Delicious Live Lobster" in 7 languages. Use our standard card, or we will design one especially for you.

Live lobsters and fish add to the quality image of your restaurant and are particularly appealing to the Asian market.

A normal 2 meter salt water chilled aquarium usually cost about US$2,500 to manufacture (our cost). However, for an exclusive supply agreement, ABsolute will to happy to install an aquarium at your location for COST! Or, if you don't want a supply agreement, we'd be happy to either install a standard aquarium or work with you on designing a custom aquarium to your specifications. You pay only the actual costs - no profit for us. Either way you win.

Our live lobster prices are competitive with local Bali prices, which are determined largely by the export market and thus subject to change with demand and currency exchange rates. Our prices are updated every Monday and can be fax you.

Sample of Aquarium Type
click to enlarge
Sample of Aquarium Type
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Sample of Aquarium Type
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Sample of Aquarium Type
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A Note About Frozen Lobster

Frozen lobster usually runs cheaper than live lobster. But buying frozen lobster is risky since you have no guarantee how long the lobster was dead before freezing our how it was frozen. We heard of several cases in Bali of guests getting sick from eating bad frozen lobsters.

We are constantly being offered frozen lobster of questionable quality. We NEVER buy frozen lobster from others - but somebody does!

The only frozen lobster which ABsolute sells is that which has died in our hands and which we know was frozen right away. Because of this we usually only have limited quantities.

Our advice is buy live, or buy frozen only from ABsolute.

Can I have Live Lobster without an Aquarium out front?

Having an aquarium makes the storage of the lobster easy and insures their freshness. But maybe an aquarium won't fit with your décor or maybe you don't have room. There are two alternatives:

1. A Kitchen Aquarium. Let ABsolute put an aquarium in your kitchen.

2. Packed for Storage. Call to arrange for a delivery Packed for Storage. We will pack your lobster the same way that we ship live lobster to Hong Kong and other places - cooled down and individually wrapped in sand and paper. They will stay alive like this for a minimum of 12 hours. Just be sure to freeze any that don't sell by the end of the evening.

Hard Rock, Kuta - Bali
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Discovery Hotel, Kuta - Bali
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Hyatt Hotel, Sanur - Bali
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